More Cover Gorgeousness

One of the true highlights of having a manuscript published is occasionally getting an email with that golden word, 'Cover', in the header. The following is the utterly beautiful design proof for the Picador UK publication of Burial Rites I received late last year.

I was actually able to meet the very clever artist who put it all together when I was in London in January. You know when you shake hands with someone you admire, but you're so excited and grateful to meet them that you forget to release their hand, and instead stand there, gripping their fingers, for an inapropriate length of time? Well, that happened. Can you blame me? I think it's lovely.

burial rites_book.jpg


Hello, and welcome to my new website. My name is Hannah Kent, and  here you'll be able to mosey through and find out a little about who I am and the book I've written: Burial Rites (due for release this year in Australia in May, and in the UK and North America in September).

Set in northern Iceland in 1829, my debut novel tells the story of Agnes Magnúsdóttir, a servant who was condemned to death for her role in the murder of two men.

If you're keen to read a little more about what it's about, read some reviews once it's released, or gaze lovingly (as I do) at the cover artwork the marvellous people at Picador Australia, Picador UK and Little, Brown (USA) have created, or even maybe order a copy, you can find what you're looking for in BOOKS.

In the coming months I'll also be posting news about writers' festival appearances, readings and any other occasions when I'm called upon to finally brush my hair and encounter people in the real world.

If you'd ever like to come introduce yourself, see where I'll be in EVENTS. If fate conspires against us and we never get to meet, perhaps send me an email instead through my CONTACT page.

If you'd prefer to get in touch with my agents or publishers (they're much better looking), or if you're a publisher yourself and would like a little more information about foreign rights, you'll find all the details you need on this page too.

For everything else - book trailers, interviews, photos, videos, tweets and blog posts from me - stay right where you are on NEWS.

And now, to celebrate the launch of this website, I thought I'd post the just-released Australian book cover. Thanks for dropping by!